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  • Benchmarking tool for WordPress = https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpbenchmark/
  • Good tool for analyzing database performance in WordPress = https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpperformancetester/
  • One of our favorite tools is Code Profile Pro = https://wordpress.org/plugins/code-profiler/ and paid version https://code-profiler.com/
  • Advanced performance profiling tool is New Relic = https://newrelic.com/
  • Great tool to see how plugins affect dB is Query Monitor = https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/
  • Load testing tools = loader.io and k6.io
  • Caching tool OPCache = https://wordpress.org/plugins/flush-opcache/
  • Object caching tools = https://wordpress.org/plugins/redis-cache/ and https://objectcache.pro/ and https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/
  • Database tools = https://www.wpintense.com/product/scalability-pro/ and https://github.com/major/MySQLTuner-perl